About Us


Mission Statement

Gears of Goodwill was set up for local residents to go out on to the city streets and meet homelessness head on and help those less fortunate than ourselves. Gears of Goodwill has been running a street kitchen every Friday each week since 2016. Along with hot food, drinks and sandwiches Gears of Goodwill also give out clothing and sleeping bags to the homeless population. Equally important is the genuine friendship the Gears of Goodiwll Volunteers give, and just being a friend to those less fortunate can talk too.  


It's our aim at Gears of Goodwill to get a charity shop and somewhere for homeless people to have a shower and a hot meal and get advice. We hope to achieve this by doing various fundraisers within the community.

Gears of Goodwill will also be arranging other fundraising events, including band nights, and superstore events. Please keep a eye out for upcoming events on the News page.


Gears of Goodwill hopes this will hopefully build strong ties and friendships with other local charities where we can all link up and work together to make a difference.

Hopefully we will be able to expand to other areas and help our homeless population and those disadvantaged where ever they can be found.